Begin Your creative adventure and work together to complete your mission!

Every game has a set of engaging riddles in a form of a ready-to-print, role-playing adventure to play at home. Each mission tells a captivating and engaging story.

Your game comes as an easy to use manual that lays out apredetermined trail on where to hide the riddles and clues that will allow Agents to solve their Secret Mission!

Have you ever been to an escape room?
Each adventure is like an at-home escape room adventure!

What form does the game come in?

Every Mission comes as a ready-to-print PDF. Depending on the game, there are about 20-30 pages of the storyline with riddles.

What are the steps?
Pick the adventure that fits your group, pay, and then…

Download and print your game. You will receive an email with the game script, instruction manual and the extras.

Spend a couple of minutes on reading the instruction

Transform your space
by hiding the riddles.

Pass the first letter
to your Agents and begin
your Secret Mission!

Usually, our adventures take from 45 to 90 minutes. Before every mission Agents have some extra time to prepare their outfits and equipment. After the game, you can celebrate the completed mission by taking some family pictures together.
That way the adventure may last even for a couple of hours…

All of our games at the Ministry of Riddles will help to teach team work
through challenging fun and play!
It is a great idea
to bring people together
no matter if it’s a group of friends,
family, classmates or colleagues.

Do you have any questions?
Check out the
most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

or contact us.